Yesterday was an important day, it was the Typhoon Yolanda 4th year anniversary. 4 years ago Leyte Island and its main city Tacloban were hit by an enormous typhoon. Also known as Haiyan it destroyed the main part of the city with a 7-meter high storm surge.


Today I want to write this article for my Filipinos friends. With this anniversary a lot of press articles were published showing scene of death and chaos post-Yolanda. I want to stand against this. I spent a few months living with the people of Tacloban. What I found? Kind and joyful people. People who continue to live their lives.

I want to change the way people looks at Tacloban by showing through my photos the actual Tacloban and its inhabitants. If you agree with me, don’t hesitate to share this article and show to others the actual Tacloban too.



I took pictures of Tacloban people by walking on the city streets with my film camera. I went to family meetings, peaceful rest times and religious processions. Tacloban streets are full of life and meeting opportunities. The first time I went out, I was surprised to discover outgoing men and women. Most of them love pictures that’s why a lot of them asked me to get their pictures taken.


I made a photo project about Tacloban which I named “Sige Sige“, meaning keep going in Waray Waray. If you want to see more about it follow me on my Facebook page as I will be posting content about it.